Monday, 25 February 2008

Who can we blame this time?

According to today’s Shields Gazette, South Tyneside Homes is claiming it may loose out on £100 million of grants because tenants are not letting them in to complete repairs etc to their properties. This is the same South Tyneside Homes who had to apologise for sending out letters telling tenants they would force entry into their homes if they did not allow gas service checks.

Clearly, in anticipation of another 1 star rating from the auditor and another year of severely reduced funding, STH are blaming the tenants rather than a board of directors which has behaved not unlike a group of cowboy builders.

If this type of behaviour continues, STH may find themselves the centre of attention on the BBC’s “Rogue Traders” programme!


RusRed said...

"Who can we blame this time?"
This is a question that can only be answered by Councillor Waggott and his nodding dogs cabinet.
South Tyneside homes born of the manipulating mendacity of "OUR LEADER" would never have seen the light of day had it not been for he and his colleagues attempt at promoting public debate by setting up a Residents Borough Forumt and then instructing via officers of the council its dissolution simply because those involved on the Forum, which represented their respective Residents Associations had by a substantial majority cast aside the three choices presnted to them of (1) Housing Association takeover (2) Private Finance Initiative and (3) ALMO. Our caring Labour council had let the housing stock deteriorate over their years of stranglehold power and now saw, or so they thought, an easy solution to their problem whilst gerrymandering financial prudency. They had burned their boats well and truly and the two star status looks as far away as ever.

Anonymous said...

How bizzare that South Tyneside Homes are now looking at blaming the tenants for its failure to get 2 stars. Wilf Flynn a long time critic of South Tyneside Homes has spilled the beans on some pretty underhand stuff but this really does take the biscuit.
Who or what will get the blame next; the unions, the weather, global warming, terrorism, the price of oil or how about George W Bush.
Its time those idiots at South Tyneside Homes woke up and tried looking closer to home for example senior management, the board and the labour leadership of the council.

The Last King of Scotland said...

What about the tories position on social housing? Well they don't give a stuff.
The last time the oppostion tried to do anything about it by trying to get a more politically balanced board not just one one made up of only of labour councillors and supporters the tories led by David Potts decided to abstain on the grounds that the ward they represented i.e Cleadon and East Boldon had virtually no social housing. In other words as long as our patch is ok sod the 19000 other homes in South Tynsedies.
This approach is typical of Potts all he is bothered about is himself and if he's alright to hell with the rest of us.

two down one to go said...

South Tyneside Homes, its chair Labour, its Councillors board Labour, its Tennants panel now infiltrated by Labour (ask Cllr.Wood about that one?)it reminds me of the Ship that was blowing about in the tyne the other day- RUDERLESS.

Diy Dan said...

According to South Tyneside Homes you can decorate a room for 25 quid. I dont live in one of thier homes but would love to know who their decorators are. Just think I could do my whole gaff for a ton and no more ear ached from wor lass.