Sunday, 24 February 2008


Michael Martin MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, must have very broad shoulders. Not only has The Northern Herald heaped it on him, but today’s Observer, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Independent all lead with the resignation of Martin’s spokesman Mike Granatt. Claims that Granatt was misled by Martin’s aides have met with universal calls for Martins resignation (he can’t be sacked).

Where Martin in the past has been merely guilty of taking the public for every legal penny he possibly can, recent revelations have shown he has probably broken as many rules as he claims to have observed. His use of air miles to finance family flights was revealed last week, and yesterdays revelations that taxi “food” trips were for informal gatherings has shown clearly that he has no regard for guidelines and procedures.

I suspect over the next week or so Martin will resign, but who will replace him? Knowledge of Commons procedure requires expert background. His deputies may have this on their CV but they were all aware of their bosses behaviour and so remain tainted with the brush of corruption.

Why not brake with hundreds of years of tradition and give the job to Vince Cable MP, that master of whit and repartee on the Liberal front bench. Now that would be entertaining.


Anonymous said...

WHO IS BRENDA?????????????????

Michael said...

Bring back lower case while you're at it, anon.
Has there ever been a time when Martin wasn't under pressure? It all smells wrong to me, but it looks like he's gone anyway.