Friday, 29 February 2008

Public interest motive not enough for South Tyneside Council

Whilst yesterdays full Council meeting went ahead with out to much dissent (I will report on this meeting later today) there was still the slight matter of a motion which was not allowed to be discussed in the Chamber. Independent spokesperson Jane Branley explained that a motion put by her Councillors concerning the site of a new waste incinerator had been ruled out of order.

With Sunderland City Council conducting their meetings on this issue behind closed doors, and with South Tyneside refusing to address public interest concerns in the democratic environment of the Council Chamber, people are starting to feel that something isn’t quite right about this whole scenario.

Readers and followers of this site are well aware that I consider this issue to have the potential to become South Tyneside Councils most controversial venture ever. It is starting to look like this process has already begun.

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