Monday, 18 February 2008

Spring Cleaning

February is always a good month to spring clean, and what better a time to get rid of those old paper files, reports and agendas which have been lying around unused over the last 12 months. One of my “binned” reports tonight was the Tax Payers Alliance of April 2007 on Councillors Allowances. Covering the period 2005/2006, of the 386 Councils surveyed, South Tyneside finished in 103rd position, the figures as such:

TOTAL ALLOWANCES 2004/2005 - £601,000
TOTAL ALLOWANCES 2005/2006 - £621,000

% CHANGE - +3.3%


AVERAGE PER COUNCILLOR – 2004/2005 - £11129.63
AVERAGE PER COUNCILLOR – 2005/2006 - £11500.00

The figures for 2006/2007 are due soon. As with their predecessors, they will no doubt make interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

Peter, of the 20 opposition Cllrs.
no one recieves any Special Responsibilty Allowance.
You need to adjust your figures accordingly.

Anonymous said...

SO WHAT ??????????????