Friday, 1 February 2008

The Vote

“Peter The Question in tonights Gazette. Are councillors Right to boycot a meeting they Called? Yes or No ? With way will you vote.The Reason Im asking you this is, Because the result at the minute is 62% No And 38% yes... Odd.”


“Peter, How did you vote?”

The above posts were lodged last night and today. They relate to the poll conducted by The Gazette, which produced the following results:

“Were council members right to boycott a meeting that they called.
The result was 53% YES 47% NO”

So what are the ramifications?

Firstly, the Labour controlling group have panicked, and used a three line whip to get all its Councillors and supporters in the borough to vote “No”. This is entirely probable and will always account for a certain percentage of the negative. However, it assumes they can hit the buttons on the key board in the right order, so other explanations are needed.

Secondly then, we have an element who plainly just don’t agree with those who wish to hold the council to account. Separate from the politically motivated element above, they don’t like the publicity and want to return to the status quo.

The third and final element , and in my view, the defining influence on the result, is that the public want the Independent Alliance of Councillors in the Chamber to attack, hold to account and challenge the Labour cohort at EVERY OPPORTUNITY . In reality, they have a very valid point – they are fully aware that the Liberal Democrats and Conservative Councillors are politically inept and offer no resistance to the Labour hegemony. For them, the Independents represent the only source of opposition in the Borough, and they want them there at all times.

Today’s actions are essential, a response to a dictatorial executive who have ditched all pretences of observing a democratic procedure in an effort to stifle debate and opposition. However, the battle lines are clearly drawn.

It is February’s full Council meeting when the battle really begins!


rossinisbird said...

I take no notice of the Gazette polls because they can be very easily hijacked - all they represent is the opinions of those who can be bothered to vote and how often (or know how to write a voting script).

PETER SHAW said...

The motivation to vote is always stronger than the desire to sit by and say nothing, but surely that is what happens in elections? If this had been a regional election, Labour may have lost control. If it had been a national one, the winners would be in government by a landlside.

I accept your point, but give me a better indication of public opinion at the moment and I will post on it!

rossinisbird said...

Utterly subjective conjecture. The fact that the Gazette poll is so easily falsifiable is evidence enough that any Gazette poll result has zero value as an indication of public opinion.

It's just for fun - like the horoscopes - and not meant to be taken seriously.