Saturday, 2 February 2008

And on the starting pistol we have.....

The race is on between Brown, Cameron and Clegg to see who can be the fist to cross the line in the “lets clean up politics” race. With Derek Conway firing the starting pistol this week, all 3 leaders were out the blocks together with the demand that their respective MP’s clean up their acts, reveal family members who are on the payroll and have it all sorted by……. 1st April 2008. In other words, you can run round the track long enough to get the drugs out of your system, and then take your blood test to prove your squeaky clean.

If our political leaders had any support for political openness when it came to the financial gravy train that chugs through the House of Commons, they would have demanded that their Party MP’s publicly reveal the information by Monday this week, 9 am at the latest, no excuses – you get the idea of how quick the deadline could have been imposed don’t you! The reason they haven’t is that they are fully aware that Conway may not have been an isolated case; at least 47 MP’s across the board employ family members. I wonder how many are actually legitimately doing any work?

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Gormley's Ghost said...


Didn't Hain, Watt, Harmon, Alexander, Levy et al fire their guns first?