Thursday, 1 November 2007


There must be something about the name “Blair” and the refusal to resign when innocent people have died. Tony Blair refused to do it over Iraq (innocent Iraqi’s and British troops have all died) and today Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has followed his name sake with the cry “not me guv”. Despite presiding over the death of an innocent man shot because of his colour, Blair the policeman refuses to do the honourable thing and disappear into obscurity.
Its pointless going over the intricacies of the case, to do so would be only to regurgitate the page on page of coverage which will occupy the daily papers tomorrow. Buy them if you feel the need to be once again reminded of what really happened!

I would however, like to remind readers of a letter sent by a certain local Councillor to the Shields Gazette, the text of which is reproduced below. Remember the following points when you digest the text:

A court of law has shown clearly that the London police did not have to do it!

Will this Councillor do the honourable thing and retract his comments in light of the truth?
I suspect not.

Will this Councillor still sleep better even though he has been proved completely wrong!
I suspect he will.


George Waddle's letter, dated August 2, was way off the mark.

Mr Waddle criticises the police for shooting dead the "innocent" Brazilian in London recently.
The fact is, the shooting occurred in the wake of one of the worst terrorist attacks London has seen in recent history. The guy was running away from police, who repeatedly told him to stop – what were they supposed to think? If a bomb had gone off, I bet Mr Waddle would be among the first to condemn the police for not taking action.

The man simply made himself a target.

As for Mr Waddle's condemnation of President Bush – I sleep better at night knowing there is such a man in the White House.

He's the type of man who is not afraid to take on terrorism and make tough, sometimes unpopular, decisions to protect and promote the interests of the free world.

Coun David Potts,
St Nicholas View,
West Boldon.

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