Friday, 2 November 2007


All of today’s papers have been full of Sir Ian Blair, and no doubt sites such as this have also done the subject to death. I was going to avoid regurgitating what other pundits have already said, but to be honest, the audacity of the man plus his shear lack of shame compel me to comment.

Let’s look at the opening comments (i.e. the first thing they said) of the defence team during the trial:

“Whatever went wrong on the 22nd July, whatever the fault, whatever the consequences, Sir Ian Blair was not to blame and no one here will suggest he was”

No reference to an innocent man being shot, just Blair not to blame.

After the verdict, Blair himself said:

“This case thus provides no evidence at all of systematic failure by the Metropolitan Police Service and I therefore intend to continue to lead the Met in its increasingly successful efforts to reduce crime and to deter and disrupt terrorist activities in London”

No reference to “as this happened under my watch, I must shoulder the burden”.

Due to Blair’s sheer intransigence, the cost to the tax payer re the case is £560,000.

No policy of damage limitation by the Met, only one of deny, deny, deny!

The Metropolitan Police badge should not bear the Latin phrase “Notto Meo Guvo” in honour of their illustrious leader Sir Ian Blair, a man with no shame, no concept of public duty and not one ounce of dignity. To make matters worse, Brown and his cohorts have full confidence in him.

If you live in London, good luck to you, because you’re going to need it!

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