Wednesday, 5 March 2008

On the Up

Labour has announced that the minimum wage will rise from £5.52 to £5.73 (21p) in October of this year. This represents a 60% rise on the 1999 starting point. It also represents a slap in the face for all those Conservative “experts” who predicted economic armageddon if a minimum was introduced.

Whilst the idea of a “realistic” minimum wage figure has yet to be reached, it is quickly approaching the £6 per hour amount which would be an base standard from which millions of people would be able to ensure their lives went forward in a positive way.

This site has never been one to congratulate Labour, but together with the Freedom of Information Act, the principal of “an honest wage for an honest days work” is certainly one of Blair’s better legacies, and all achieved without putting millions on the dole!

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Ted said...

I wonder if these so called caring local 'labour' comedians known for their conservative views (a number of them were even members of the conservative party) feel about the minimum wage and equal pay. Lets face it their track record in this area has been very poor, just ask some of the many council’s employees who were cheated out of a fair wage.