Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Gazette has a Slate(r) Loose

Despite the fact that David Slater, Executive Director, Regeneration and Resources, is to leave South Tyneside Council (A.K.A. “The Titanic”) the Gazette has seen to give him letter space on two occasions in as many weeks. Firstly over the “ring fencing” of revenue from coastline foreshore sales, and secondly, issues concerning taxi drivers and insurance. I have no problem with either letter’s content, though I do have a problem with giving publicity to a “spent force”.

Mr Slater’s proclamations don’t carry any weight, and I suspect they don’t carry any support – he no longer sets policy as he once so spectacularly claimed to do.

So why has the Gazette suddenly given him such prominence?

Surely they have not been put under any pressure as a result of some pretty damning Council related articles?

I think the public should be told.


Adi Amen said...

Very very interesting the fact that certain political scribes get letters published, when the last five i have sent did not.
The letters I sent were not in any way rude or offensive, just plainly telling the truth, about missing ballot boxes, Labour Cllrs. high profiling themseleves in the run up to the Election and the stark reality that we will have a new Council leader come May 2nd 2008. As for Mr Slater i wouldn't take too much notice of him he has had a chip on his shoulder, since his 'baby' was sunk in the water - the Fellgate business scheme.

Anonymous said...

how is it the truth when no ballot boxes went missing? wake up and smell the coffee'?

aDI amen said...

You will wake up in hospital bonny lad, YOU SHITBAG.