Thursday, 20 March 2008

“B******t is b******t, it just goes by different names”

Easter is always a busy time, none more so than for those involved in the food industry. Posts will be light until Saturday PM at the earliest.

However, I couldn’t part company without reference to a press release from our local Labour Party in South Shields.

A couple of days ago I received an anonymous email warning me that the both the Council and the Labour ruling group were considering seeking a court injunction against the “Electoral Fraud” leaflet which has been distributed to 30,000 homes across the Borough. Grateful for the tip of, I kept of the subject for 48 hours. Another email informed me that legal advice had gone against the Council, and no injunction would emerge. What a surprise.

However, the “Malcolm’s” in the Middle have penned a response via the local Labour Party site, showing that they have got their loyal red knickers in a right twist. Entitled “Here We Go Again “(how imaginative – how they must have brain stormed in The Fountain that night) the text represents the last throw of the dice for the Boroughs controlling elite before the election campaign begins in full.

The first section of the release quite frankly is absurd – it rambles more than a Malcolm at a Meeting. Postal votes – fraud – but never once refers to the election petition (a legal document) filed at the High Court. What an omission and how convenient!

It’s the next section which really shows that Labour is rattled!

Under the title “It’s a Fact” the release goes on to cover……. err…… not the facts.

But their contents did. Somebody therefore deliberately opened them, disposed of their contents, and blamed a porter. That’s right, the Labour Party blamed the man at the bottom of the chain – what a vote of solidarity for the Borough's work force!

This is news to me – no reference has been made to this element publicly. Why have they not been offered for scrutiny then?

Wrong. Freedom of Information requests leaked to this site via an unknown source indicate otherwise. The Labour Party's claim is entirely without foundation.

Of course there is – there is no greater mystery than “where are the ballot papers?” Somebody out there knows, and I wish they would reveal the truth.

A little bit disingenuous, especially when the Labour Party omit to mention that election officers have Indemnity Insurance to cover them for such eventualities, something which the Council have failed to reveal details of via a Freedom of Information enquiry (I told you the Council had failed to answer questions on this issue). As towards the public paying costs, any donations are given freely, and the public purse is not affected. For the benefit of the Chuckle Brothers, the public have given remarkably generously! They wont be so generous with their Labour votes when it comes to the election.

What the circular fails to mention is the details included in the original election petition, particular a certain surname - “Malcolm”. I wonder why they have been so selective - they have had full view of the Court papers since at least May 2007? Must have escaped their collective memories.

Oh, before I forget and sign of, another 15,000 “Election Fraud Leaflets” are to be distributed before the election campaign begins (that’s 45,000 in total so far), such is the demand for them in Wards which have so far been spared the truth. Another 5000 are ordered for next Tuesday - something tells me the sound clanking letter boxes will drown out the sound of Labour's lies.

The Chuckle Brothers may be popular with the kids, but the adults have seen through the facade, and they want the truth – and their going to get it!


adi amen said...

The clowns must have thought it would just go away like the ballot boxes did, maybe they have hired that porter!


The reaction on the doorsteps is quite amazing, people think it is straight out of a comic book(not the chuckle brothers either).
The Independent Alliance has plenty of Foot Soldiers and after blitzing the 9 or so wards so far it is having a damming effect.
Labour are trying to get the message out that we dont want people to vote, could'nt be further from the truth we want people to vote because Beacon n Bents,Boldon,Fellgate,Monkton and Westoe are pretty much nailed on.
That's four gains without much work,bring it on the 1st of May.

Billy said...

Having just read the article in question it looks like 'backhand' Malcolm is well & truly rattled.

Dennis said...

It looks like the work of a 'lunatic' called Iain or was it Paul?

The Last King of Scotland said...

You say truth, well I'm not sure the Chuckle Brothers know what the word means.
Now if you had said lies, fraud, deception, con artists, scroungers, cheating and crooks then I would have understood and I'm sure Daddy Chuckle would have been proud that his boys followed in his footsteps, after all he had all these traits didn’t he.

The Badger said...

I have never seen such a pathetic attempt at spin even well done Ian an own goal to be proud of.

Ann said...

Can anyone confirm if the same Ian Malcolm named in Khan's Election Petition as being seen in possession of postal votes in contravention of the Electoral Commission’s Code of Conduct is the same person now desperately trying to spin his way out of a hole?

Ahmed said...

What an interesting interpretation of the facts!

The tone of labour’s article probably written by Iain Malcolm suggests that they are in possession of some facts that neither I nor the court are privy to. I mean we are only going by the sworn statements from those involved i.e. the Returning Officer and his staff.

So Iain if you are in possession of some knew information I suggest you contact Detective Russell Hunter at Newcastle Central Police Station (he is part of the small specialist Economic Fraud Unit) who is currently investigating the matter. On second thoughts perhaps I’ll pass on your details and a copy of your web page to him.

One when final thought I wonder when Iain Malcolm knew that a number of ‘small brown envelopes’ containing ballot papers had mysteriously disappeared? Surely not the weekend of 4th - 7th of May!


Woooops i think someone has dropped themselves in the Broon Smelly Stuff.

Ahmed said...


The following is an extract from the Election Petition:

'That a serving counsellor and candidate for election in the Horsley Hill Ward, Iain Malcolm, was observed to be in unauthorised possession of postal ballot papers on 26 April 2007'

This is backed up by two sworn witness statements and was also reported to the Returning Officer Mr Brian Scott (also named on the Election Petition) on the day he was seen handling postal votes.

Anonymous said...

Where are the political parties this year in the run up to the local elections.

My mam lives in Westoe and she has had loads of stuff off the Independents, and I live in West Park and have had three Labour leaflets.

But not had much else. Whats going on in other parts of South Tyneside.

Ahmed said...

Is there no end to the lies coming out of Ede House?
On second thoughts I wonder whether labour’s latest clap-trap emanates from Simonside Hall or maybe even the Fountain!
Wonder what David Milliband thinks about this latest batch of lies being put out in labour's name?

Duffy said...

Have the Chuckle Brothers finally lost the plot?

Choir Boy said...

Looking at the pictures in last night's Gazette is Iain Malcolm trying to secure the catholic vote. If so it will be a remarkable u turn for some one known for his less than complementary views of the catholic community.

SAS said...

I wanted to add comment to your excellent blog Mr Shaw, the problem is i have been rolling around on the floor P*****g myself since i viewed the picture of 'BOY SCOUT MALCOLM'. He he he What a joke, when i was younger i joined the T.A.
Malcolm must like wearing uniforms perhaps a fairy oufit would be more fitting.

Big Mama said...

Is it just me or does anyone think da boy malcolm would suit a cheer leaders outfit better?

Ginger said...

Malcolm in pink hotpants, what a scary thought.

Brenda said...

Anyone now if Malcolm is married?

sperm bank said...

Have you ever seen him with a WOMEN
Vicious circles spread Vicious rumours!