Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Consulted my A**e!

It seems that all is not to well at the local Hebburn “Iona Social Club”. Despite being earmarked for a massive regeneration programme which will include err…. a Tesco’s, the lads at the club would rather stay where they are and not see their club knocked down – and why not, this is their watering whole, they own the land they stand on and the members feel it is the heart of their community.

Sadly, the members of the club will have been consulted on the issue before plans were made……accept that they weren’t! Claims today in the Shields Gazette quote club officials as saying the first they new of the demolition plans was when the paper itself highlighted the development. In essence, South Tyneside Council decided on the regeneration plans, which included bulldozing the club, and then decided to consult the club stewards etc. Its like saying to a dead man – sadly you’ve passed, but would you like this life saving drug!

At a recent Regeneration and Resources Scrutiny sub committee meeting on the Foreshore Development Plans (including Gypsies Green) I personally witnessed an exchange which went along these lines:

E. Malcolm (for it is he) – You were consulted prior to the plans to demolish Gypsies Green were you not?
South Shields Harriers Rep - No, we were only contacted when the press released details that the Stadium was to be demolished.

My well toned Sherlock Holmes senses are beginning to spot a Council pattern here – could the strategy be “let’s only consult when the plans are so far down the line that opposition is useless”.

To make matters worse, two of the current Liberal Democrat Hebburn councillors take refreshments at club – I bet their made to feel welcome under the present climate. No wonder rumours still prevail that their going to cross the floor to the Labour side next month.

Put it this way, the only place left for them to drink will be the Fountain Inn!



floorwalker said...

What about McCabe,McAtominey and Maxwell they are all frequent visitors to the Iona lounge.
They never told the members so to all you 700+ members and your family and friends do the decent thing and get rid of the turncoat the man with no principles get rid of McCabe most of you have waited three half years so do it and ditch him.

adi amen said...

Spinning the truth, hopefully the Public will wake up come the 1st May and we will see some of the big guns in the Cabinet chased.Top dogs who should be shitting themselves include, Tom'Andy Capp'Hanson, 'Justice'Joanne Bell, The Mayor Tracy Dixon, Lord Wagsville, Deputy Mayor Alex Donaldson, John'Woody'Wood.