Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Rigg holds hostage and tries to kill her with cleaver (Corner Shop Shock)

Good God, not the “Rigg” who runs the Corner Shop Site? Has he lost the plot?

No, this is another Rigg, but they share the same surname. However, some of you may have thought that Mr Rigg had run amok, such was his dissatisfaction with the lack of Conservative representation in the Borough...

Some of you may have also thought that the “Khan” quoted in said Rigg’s post referred to Mr Ahmed Khan of the Beacon and Bents Ward missing ballot box case.

Sadly for Curly and his Labour supporters, it is not. It relates to something completely different which is highlighted by the link at the end of this post.

When you read the original article, the “Khan” in question has nothing to do with South Tyneside, nothing to do with Ahmed Khan, and nothing to do with missing ballot boxes.

Clearly, certain people will stoop to any measure to deliberately inflate their own egos or propagate their own political view. This sadly is a case in question.

Its cheap, it’s poor and it demeans the writer.

It also follows a pattern of a man demanding a lost past and forlorn future.

I thought you had more decorum Mr Rigg – sadly you clearly don’t.

The post is the worst piece of deliberate innuendo I have ever come across.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Shaw,

why do you so disingenuously fail to read my words of warning and of encumbered embarrassment to the leaders of all political parties, including one David Cameron?

Why is it that you fail to acknowledge my previous interest in and concerns about the postal ballot system?

Why is it that you fail to see the name Eshaq Khan (a Conservative councillor)?

Would it be too much to ask that you concentrate a little more on the content, and a little less on the personality?

Your allegation of innuendo is little more than conjecture, and pure speculation with absolutely no basis in solid facts! Your comments perhaps demean yourself more than they would me.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Rigg-sby, is that you’ve been rumbled, you sad little Labour lacky.

PETER SHAW said...

Make it treacly Curly, make it treacly. But what is your sweetener from the Labour boys at the club? Acceptance back into the loop?

Anonymous said...

I know you don’t like swearing Peter, but this t****r is really taking the p***s. His headline was deliberately meant to deceive – he just doesn’t have the balls (there, I said it) to admit he’s after misleading headlines. He’s no worse than “The News of The Screws” on a Sunday morning. What a shallow individual he is. I don’t agree with much of what you say by the way, but at least you’re not a spent force.

PETER SHAW said...

I'm glad you didn’t swear, but it came close.

PETER SHAW said...

I considered taking of the comment moderation for this post, but the negative vitriol has been too much. Watch what you say, and I shall release comments in the morning after the have been vetted for “adverse” comments.

John McCabe charged me three quid just to go to Asda - it's only round the corner said...

Curly's headline was clearly meant to deceive, to encourage visitors to read on.

It's no better than Daily Star front page headlines which trick you into a reading a story which doesn't exist.

He needs to be careful.
It seems that when he's not using headlines that include phrases such as "underage sex" to shamelessly drive up hits from the web's paedophile contingent, then he's juxtaposing names to stories to muddy people's names.

Anonymous said...

I think Curly actually believes his own rubbish.

He knows fine well what he was implying when he used the name Khan in one his stories. He know's exactly what he is doing when he uses the title underage sex.

It's a shame that he has nothing better to to than run people down, sit in front of his computer all day thinking of what innuendos he can put in.

Lets be honest he is critical about everybody and everyone. I remember when he was a councillor, thankfully he didn't last long.

Curly, try and offer a more balanced outlook - rather than cheap jibes, try and be constructive, drop the cut and past and lets have your views, rather than Guido Fawkes, Times Online, Nick Robinson etc etc etc.

Take these tips on board, and your readers may come back, lets see how many visitors you lost in March. By the way, clever trick that Curly - leaving comments on everyone's blog (even John Redwoods) with a link to yours.

Bit of cheap way to get hits.