Tuesday, 18 March 2008

How to delay bad news (Patent: South Tyneside Council)

Five years into the Iraq war, the situation is about as dangerous and as fluid as it ever was. Even Tony Blair, a man who referred the issue to God for tactical advice, is starting to admit that the decision to go to war may have been flawed.

The momentum for a public enquiry is beginning to once again pick up steam. However, it appears that Gordon Brown may have taken a tactical prompt from South Tyneside Council (TOPS, Tavistock Hotel development delay). Whilst acknowledging that an enquiry may be warranted “we believe that is not now”. So when will “now” be? Clearly after any election when the bad news that will emerge from the findings will be forgotten, buried and glossed over well before another election.

That assumes of course, that Gordon secures another term.

Hmmm……, no enquiry then.

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