Friday, 14 March 2008

Number Crunching Harry Potter Style

Desperate to milk the cash cow till it is empty, film moguls have decided to turn the final Harry Potter book into 2 films. When you see the revenue that previous escapades have accumulated you can understand why.

5 Harry Potter films to date

£2.2bn box office sales, more than the 6 Star Wars films or 22 James Bond films
£10bn – value of the brand
£550m – JK Rowling (author) earnings
£2000 – advance offered on first book to author

A rumour circulating some time ago was that JK Rowling had penned another book in the series of Harry Potter mystery novels entitled “Harry Potter and The Missing Ballot Boxes”. However, the manuscript is missing.

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Ahmed said...

Who’s the leader of the evil demonic chamber of villains, is it Brian, Irene, Paul or Iain?