Sunday, 16 March 2008

The times they are a changin'

If you believe in the concept of “momentums” in politics, then clearly this week two people have one. Firstly David Cameron, who in today’s YouGov poll (Sunday Times) finds his party 16 points ahead of Labour. Should there be a general election today, he would be PM with a 120 seat majority and the owner of some very notable scalps along the way, including the current Chancellor Alistair Darling.

The second incumbent who finds himself somewhat on a roll is that master of whit and repartee, London mayoral candidate Boris Johnson. Boris, a national treasure when it comes to buffoonery, has a glossy 9 page feature in the Sunday Times Magazine. All in all, he comes across quite well. Unlike his opposite number and current Mayor Ken Livingstone, who once again is involved in a cash scandal. This time Ken has been accused of receiving a secret donation from a property developer who received his support for a 46 storey skyscraper. Said donator was Gerald Ronson – some of you may remember Mr Ronson’s name from the list of fraudsters jailed in the Guinness share dealing scandal. Clearly keeping good company, Mr Livingston may well have to pack his belongings in a hanky, tie it on stick and together with his cat, leave the town of London to the control of Boris.

Brown and Livingston – how the mighty have fallen.

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