Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Poll's Apart (1)

Backing up polls from the weekend’s papers, the Guardians ICM Poll has the Conservative Party (42%) 13 points ahead of Labour (29%). At the last election, Labour won with 36%.

If these figures were extrapolated to a regional remit, Labour would potentially be wiped out. However, that clearly won’t happen. Looking at South Tyneside, the Conservatives will struggle to field candidates in every ward, never mind drum up enough votes to make a difference. The likely winners will be the Independent Alliance candidates, but again their roster does not embrace all wards.

Regionally under fire and nationally criticised, those Labour candidates up for re election must be extremely worried about their seats. This is an area where the Northern Rock is viewed with pride and compassion – the perception is that Labour allowed it to become a victim of the financial wolves – nobody likes to see people loose their job, but they like it even less when they are made redundant at the hands of a Labour government.

There is a price to pay for incompetence, and local labour councillors are going to have to settle the bill!

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