Monday, 17 March 2008

A Stubborn Stranger to Political Correctness

So today’s Times describes 50 years of “Carry On” films. After 31 outings, 300 guests gathered to celebrate half a century of innuendo, titillation and “kiss me quick” humour.

Proving that this quintessential style of British mirth never dies, Ned Hudis (85), who was a screen writer for the first six films, said:

“Not many of us are left. We thought we’d better have the reunion this year. Next year it could have been a séance”.

As a child I have fond memories of the Carry On brand, and I defy anyone from that era (or todays) not to watch the films without a little giggle. They were harmless, they were funny and they starred some brilliant character actors. Who can forget the comic genius of the likes of Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey?

In 1992 a reprise of the series stalled with “Carry on Columbus” – it died a tragic death at the hands of the critics and was even less well received by the public. However, plans are afoot for one more outing. “Stars” such as Vinnie Jones, Shane Ritchie and Daniella Westbrook have been pencilled in for the project, loosely based on a British version of the Oscars. To be honest, this sounds like a “Carry On To Far”, but who knows, perhaps now is the time to once again inflict a specific and profitable element of British humour on an unsuspecting but very politically correct public.

Mike Myers got away with it with Austin Powers, so why can’t our own Vinnie give it ago?

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Insider said...

I have heard the boys at Millbank House have come up with a blinder, apparently our party political broadcast for the local elections is to be called, 'CARRY ON DOING AS YOU ARE TOLD SCUM - WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU'