Monday, 10 March 2008

Scaremongering Management Services – at your disposal!

Yesterday was a bleak day for the country. Reminiscent of a Hollywood film, we were told that Britain faced a weather situation akin to Armageddon. Rain, snow, hail, winds, Tsuami tides – the only thing missing was the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. As I listened to the radio news this morning, sartorially clad in chest waders, Gortex coat and securely rapped in a May West, I realised that basically nothing had happened. Sealing all doors and windows the night before with silicone had been a waste of time, and emptying the kids sand pit into carrier bags had been cruel and a waste of good sand castles!

Yes it has been windy, yes it has been wet and yes the tides have been high, but not to the degree whereby the country was washed away into the Channel.

Along with the self servicing industry of litigation, resource management and risk assessment, there is a new cash cow on the block – that of the scaremongers. It began with planes falling out of the sky when the computer clocks clicked on to the year 2000, it peaked with bird flu, and it has resurrected itself admirably with the great floods that never happened. The media have fuelled the fire, and the consultants have cashed in on the flames.

For my part, I am of to the shops to buy a hat. If the weather does actually reach crisis point, I will happily eat it. However, I suspect it will remain untouched.

Wrap up well folks, its drizzling!

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