Tuesday, 25 March 2008

There’s only one certainty in life and that’s death!

So the old phrase goes, but if you live in Zimbabwe, you might hope that the certainty might just delay itself for a few more years or at least till the economy is under control.

Latest reports show that the cost of a funeral in the country has risen to Z$1 billion (in words to emphasis the amount “1 billion Zimbabwe dollars). The highest denomination note now available is Z$10 million.

This is Robert Mugabes Zimbabwe – with elections looming next week end there has never been a regime so ripe for change. However, there are already reports emerging from the country that corruption will prevent Mugabe from loosing his control, and international observers (the ones who have been allowed into the country) are already preparing to leave.

Whilst we rightly complain about 18 missing ballot boxes, we should always remind ourselves that our system whilst not fool proof, has stood the tests of time.

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