Saturday, 8 March 2008

Thomas Isaac Mardy Jones MP

One little snippet missed from yesterdays Private Eye’s Little Eye was a little matter concerning Thomas Isaac Mardy Jones, Labour MP for Pontypridd. Mr Jones gave his wife Margaret and 12 year old daughter 2 commons travel vouchers for rail travel. They were caught using them. Jones was taken to court, fined, and had to relinquish his seat. The Magistrate said “It is rather disgraceful to find an MP involved in a case like this …. I think it is very disgusting”.

Perhaps you are wondering why you have not seen this on the front pages of the national press? Well you would have, if you were reading the headlines in December 1930, when it actually happened. Mr Jones never returned to politics, his career was over.

Mr Michael Martin however, continues to bluster onwards!
Who says standards in public life haven’t been eroded?

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