Monday, 24 March 2008


Not a great fan of late, but nobody really deserves this type of treatment.

Something has gone very wrong in society for this to happen.


curly15 said...

Thanks Peter, glad you agree.

Denny said...

Political correctness gone mad I'm afraid. However, he does not help his cause using a title such as 'Sex Photo Shock' to describe what happened. Although it shows how desperate he must be to push his traffic up, search engines will love it.

The Durham Driver said...

I doubt that he needs any additional traffic as badly as you do, but to be fair he raises issues that are important, and he is passionate about South Shields and South Tyneside. On the whole I think his blog is responsible and thought provoking, he often offers alternative ways of thinking. I dont have to like his politics but he does enough to help me think.

Which is afar cry from this site where people just come along ands slag each other off all day long, its jus a constant stream of diatribe and rubbish all day long. The trouble with you independents is that you have nothing new to offer thats why most of you had to leave the party inthefirst place.

You oppose everything, you get in hte way of everything, and offer no clear way forward, Just what plans would the indies offer to the public if they were mad enough to vote them all in? Nothiing, nothing at all.

Geraldine White better not think that she has an easy run around here, she know shes up against a determined fighter.

Denny said...

Durham Driver, what an interesting choice of name. How long did it take you to come up with that one, or did you have help?