Tuesday, 11 March 2008

ELECTION FRAUD Would you believe it?

An interesting link to a newsletter has been added to the South Tyneside Alliance web site this week concerning the 18 missing ballot boxes from last years local election in the Beacon and Bents. I understand that this leaflet is going to be distributed to potentially 40,000 homes within the Borough. Not only is that a lot of letter boxes which are going to rattle, but its also potentially a lot of Labour voters who are going to be shocked that their Party stood by and not only let this happen without comment, but continue to allow the Council to seek financial reimbursement for something which they created.

That’s one hell of a handicap to overcome Council Leader Waggott – 40,000 votes down and not even a postal vote lost, sorry, counted, yet!



Mr Election Motivator said...

Peter, Are you going to give us a run down of what is happening in each of the wards in South Tyneside and what the outcome will be.

Also why are there Two Independents standing it Whiteleas. Strange

Challenge to Curly, Have the courage of your convictions. You have called the Labour Party, called the Progs and Tories - so stand by your blogs record and see how you do in the local elections!!! (you may need to use the cut and paste facility for your election leaflets. though the Times online and South Tyneside Council will be copyrighted)

PETER SHAW said...

No doubt the rumour mill we be active with regards to who will be doing what, where and when. A couple of emails are already in, but just need confirming.

And a couple of strange comments (anon as per usual0 which need looking at first

Mr Election Motivator said...

Let me guess:

Will Waggggott stand or is he retiring as he celebrates 21 years to the day of his election to the council.

For the record - I think:

Biddick & All Saints: Independent Win. (Ta Ta Anne, Hello Cllr Pattinson)

Whiteleas: Labour win, purely as Independent vote will be split. (Ta Ta Terry, Hello Cllr Purvis)

Harton: Labour Gain (Ta Ta Jimmy, Hello Cllr Maxwell)

Cleadon Park: To close to call, depends on who George is friends with in the run up to the election. Labour hold

Horsley Hill: Split voting. Labour hold.

West Park: Labour Gain (Ta Ta Enid, Hello Cllr Watters)

Beacon & Bents: Independent Gain, forgone conclusion. (Ta Ta John, Hello Cllr Khan)

Whitburn & Marsden: Despite Cllr Potts belief, the Tories have no chance of gaining this seat. Labour hold.

Westoe: Allen is a very formidable character - will win hands down.

Simonside & Rekendyke; Labour win, though a serious challenger may come through.

Bede - Labour hold.

Monkton: Within the grasp of the Independents. Independent gain. (Ta Ta Terry, Hello Cllr Hodgson)

Hebburn North. Lib Dems only have 60ish majority. Labour's candidate is only a paper name.

Hebburn South: Labour hold.

Boldon Colliery - I have no knowledge of the school issue, so don't know local feeling. Labour hold

Cleadon & East Boldon - Labour win, only joking. Tory hold.

Primrose: Labour win, but BNP will come with a whisker of winning

Fellgate & Hedworth: Independent Gain - (Ta Ta Paul, Hello Cllr White).

What do others think

Anonymous said...

Mr Election Motivator: Their is not two independents standing in whiteleas. That would be silly would`t it?


Anonymous said...


I have received a leaflet with Robin Coombes on, standing as an Independent. As for my vote.

Are you telling me that Terry Haram is standing down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon: Their is only one independent standing in whiteleas.


Anonymous said...

Anon: your right the people of whiteleas have got the Highest respect for Cllr Haram. Lets hope he wins the Election.