Friday, 28 March 2008

Number Crunching Local Election Style

Decisions so far delayed

TOP’s – not Top of the Pops, but the decision to close some of the regions best schools, especially in the Labour hinterland

Gypsies Green and the Foreshore Development – planning permission delayed till June.

Ambulance Call Centre – Hebburn Call Centre delayed, especially now that they may have to leave the Iona Club where it is!

Leaks to the Northern Herald News Desk have been extremely revealing when it comes to the Iona Club situation. May I quote directly from the most recent email – I don’t like bad language on this site remember.

“Your f****d McAtominey, you t** f***d b*****d, the leadership will never be yours because of this project”.

I presume the sender referred to the fact that WAGGGOTTT will loose Fellgate, and then the in fighting will really start.

Malcolm’s (in the middle) beware – it’s not quite in the bag just yet!

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