Monday, 31 March 2008

Adam Applegarth is a leech

I’ve tried to avoid the subject because to be honest it’s verging on criminal. It’s immoral and it’s definitely insulting. It’s also crass and due to what is happening with those who are left to pick the pieces up, particularly in this region, it’s very insensitive.

Sadly it’s all very legal and not at all unprecedented.

Adam Applegarth, the Chief Executive responsible for the collapse of the Northern Rock Bank, has been awarded a £750,000 pay off. He will also receive a £2.5 million pension when he reaches 55.

2000 Northern Rock jobs are to go as a result of his incompetent leadership.

The man is a leech.

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Ahmed said...

Can someone tell me what the hell the Chancellor is doing allowing taxpayers money to be used in this way? Mind you I suppose it's not suprising given Labour's record when it comes to wasting public money.