Friday, 7 March 2008

Potts and Privilege!

Over at Rigg’s Corner Shop, Councillor David Pott’s has placed his usual advertisement (I hope he pays for the privilege now that he is accepting blog revenue).

This time he is calling for support for the environment. I do wish Mr Potts would stop hood winking the local scene for his own national plans.

School places under dispute, school dinner prices increased, ballot boxes missing, knife crime in the Borough on the increase – yet Councillor Potts, the “voice of the opposition”, would rather the regional Chamber concentrated on national affairs.

Though you are not a member, we have a House of Commons, don’t you know!

Sorry David, you are a local Councillor, and the Chamber is not a body to advertise your sycophantic views to David Cameron.

Your motion should be ruled “out of order”, but will it be? I suspect not.

Who knows, perhaps David Cameron is not to happy with the very close (and suspicious) relationship you have with the Conservative and Labour Group within South Tyneside.

However, perhaps said national leader is more concerned about the dossier that the Chancellor is accumulating about his foe – my God, it must be massive.

It doesn’t matter how many seats you fight, the file will always follow you. If you think London is a relief, yeh!!!!

May I recommend Wales!


Denny said...

I wish that Curly bloke would make his mind up, is he a tory, a socialist, a progressive or just a plain and simple shi! stirrer.

Bil said...

His last contribution to the people of South Tyneside and those who elected him was to ask a question about fair-trade and to vote against a motion of no confidence in the labour council leader, in fact he was that supportive of labour's head boy that his colleagues had to strap a plank of wood to his feet to make sure he didn’t disappear totally up a certain orifice.

Cllr Adrian Mole said...

Mr Potts I know you read this blog so I thought I would lay down this challenge; in your own now infamous words "do you know who I am"?

Bryan said...

Councillor Potts appears to have performed a complete U-turn on climate change!

Where I disagree with your analysis Peter is in your suggestion that climate change isn’t an issue for the council chamber; …it most certainly is. While national politicians are making a lot of noise about tackling global Over-Heating, local politicians are taking wrong decisions and clamouring for projects that increase our carbon footprints. Scrapping reusable milk bottles and incineration to give just two recent local examples. I could go on but I think you get my point.

adi amen said...

After reading his latest tosh, i have only one thing to say.
What a f***** rotter.

Anonymous said...

david potts is a sound bloke
why dont you's just lay off him, is it because your jealous.

PETER SHAW said...

Jealous of what in particular?

Anonymous said...

The only thing sound about Cllr potts is he turns it up & down when he wants. I mean his big mouth.


The Last King of Scotland said...

Aye he'e nearly as sound as Iaian Malcolm.