Thursday, 27 March 2008

Back of the Queue

When it comes to the dishing out of brains, House of Commons speaker Michael Martin was definitely at the back of the queue, if he was in it at all. Despite months of stinging coverage over his own personal abuse of MP’s expenses schemes, the last few weeks have also involved some pretty poor coverage for an elite group of his colleagues (again including Martin) who seem to view homes and their contents like Monopoly pieces.

You would have thought then that Mr Martin would want to avoid any further controversy – oh no, remember where he was in the queue!

Despite an Information Tribunal (the body which deals with Freedom of Information appeals) decision forcing the release of the expense details of 14 prominent and retired MP’s, Martin has seen fit to not only block any Commons debate on the issue, but he also gone to the High Court to have the Tribunals decision over turned.

The words “something to hide” immediately come to mind. If Martin is prepared to go to these lengths, hammering the nails into his own employment coffin as he goes along his merry way, then there must be something in this information worth protecting.

Oh, and by the way, the cost to the tax payer for the court appearance has already passed the £100,000 mark.

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