Monday, 10 March 2008

Pigswill is Pigswill, it just goes by different names!

Finally, it would appear that regional bloggers and commentators are waking up to the threat of the BNP and there involvement in the election process. Over at the Corner Shop, Mr Rigg has posted that the party is to fight the Chippenham seat at the next general election. The Conservative candidate hails from Jamaica, something which will not have escaped the foot soldiers at BNP headquarters. The article is fine and leaves no room for debate on said bloggers stance. Its two comments which have been attached to the text which are worrying. Clouded in neo racism, they represent an element of society who try to justify the activities and beliefs of the BNP by clouding the issue with the rhetoric of the “intelligencia”. However, it doesn’t matter how long the words are that they use – racist trash is racist trash. Commentators such as “Tony Parkes” and “Burt Rustle” are in some ways more devious than the BNP themselves – they hide behind language, metaphor and jargon, presenting their views as academic arguments with the justification of a theoretical prognosis.

Luckily, most people can see through such rot – you can gloss it over as much as you want, but it still has a stench of its own. The racism of the BNP therefore needs to be tackled on two fronts – at the ballot box when they field their candidates, and in the sitting rooms of the chattering classes who try and cloud their views with language designed only to deceive.

If you want to generalisation the situation, the BNP may draw support from discontented Labour working class voters, but their generals hail from the four bed roomed, two car element of society who with a degree of organisational ability and good presentational skills, are driving the BNP on at national level.

If you ignore their rhetoric, they will win seats.

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