Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Strange Bedfellows

Many moons ago there was a pop group called “Mull Historical Society” fronted by lead singer and song writer Colin MacIntyre. The “Mulls” played pretty honest music, but weren’t prepared to ditch their admirable artistic trappings and be sucked into the mainstream music mangle.

Colin has now gone solo.

Many moons ago there was a Labour politician called Tony Benn. Mr Benn, like him or loath him, was a pretty honest guy. He wasn’t prepared to ditch his admirable views and be sucked into the mainstream political mangle.

Tony left the House of Commons and went solo.

The two have now got together and an album of music has emerged. Benn has penned the lyrics to the final track on the album, and it represents the left wing veteran’s first venture into humanist poetry. Sneak previews of tracks from the album reveal some excellent songs.

This is a far cry from Neil Kinnocks ventures into the world of music (Red Wedge, Tracey Ullman) but it shows that pop and politics can still mix it!



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