Friday, 14 March 2008

Brush - Swept - Carpet

Today’s Times is reporting on the sad and disturbing affair of a school where 4 pupils have been accused of robbery, drinking, drugs intake and a possible sexual assault. All four are currently suspended until an investigation is completed.

Sadly, the scourge of the lack of moral probability has once again leached into the sanctity of a school, blighting the good name of our state and municipally controlled schools – accepted of course, as we all know, the case in question doesn’t apply to an urban comprehensive, it applies to Eton!

For £26,000 a year parents can stable their children at the school, educate them with an elite that once included Prince William and Harry, and current Conservative leader David Cameron). Together with Latin, Greek philosophy and the writings of Aristotle, it appears that Eton now offers an education in the trappings of urban crime. Many people already consider the House of Commons to be full of crooks – in twenty years this could be established reality.

Perhaps what is more disturbing are the comments of an Eton member of Staff and a Thames Valley Police spokesperson.

Staff first:

“Apparently the girl was attacked and robbed of her handbag by a group of older pupils who were in South Meadow on Monday evening. There has been talk that she might have been sexually assaulted”.

Spokesperson next:

“We have no complaint”

Robbery, drug abuse, sexual assault, all alleged to have taken place at Britain’s most elite and privileged school – and yet the matter has not been placed before the Police.



Ahmed said...

Talking about sweeping things under the carpet, can you keep your eye out for any unusual lumps on the floor the next time you're in the Town Hall. You never know you might stumble upon the missing ballot boxes!

Anonymous said...

brenda say hallo blog-ers love brenda.

The Last King of Scotland said...

Obviously Brenda is about as dim as some Labour councillors. Here is a tip for you Ernest or was that Brenda, keep off the drink and spend more time learning to spell will you.