Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rumour Mill

Well it was nearly “that’s all folks!”

The rumour mill has been active. Mike Dillon, acting Executive Director, Children and Young People, is leaving the sinking ship of South Tyneside Council to take up a similar role at…..Cleveland and Redcar Council. Who shall he meet when he gets there....none other than his old conference friend Amanda Skelton, also a recent executive employee on the Titanic of the council world.

Poaching players and managers is illegal in the football world. Obviously, in the council world, anything goes.


The Last King of Scotland said...

What do they say about rats on a sinking ship? Ask Mr Scott if your'e not sure. My sources tell me he won't be to far behind.

Mr Election Motivator said...

Not a rumour - I have just heard it is true