Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Trough of Plenty

Sitting with my pot of tea and catching up with yesterdays Gazette, it would appear that South Tyneside’s senior executives have had a pretty good year when it comes to trousering lots of money. A report by the Tax Payers Alliance shows that four senior executives earn over £100,000 per year, with Irene Lucas naturally coming in first with £129,135 for the year 2006/2007. Ms Lucas only earns £58,000 less than Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Missing ballot boxes, anger over regeneration projects, school closures and Gerry Mandering of Council meetings, South Tyneside’s Chief is hardly value for money. In fact, she should offer the people of South Tyneside a refund on their money so disgraceful has her performance been over the last 12 months.

Unfortunately, the people of the Borough cannot unseat Ms Lucas with their vote. If they could, she would be at the job centre on 2nd May.


adi amen said...

Word on the street is she is ready to follow the NINE other high profilers who have moved on to bigger and better things.
Maybe she will take that bofoon Scott with her.

Ahmed said...

A great idea from a 4* council!

Let’s pay senior executives over £5 million a year and then pay consultants millions each year to tell us what we are being paid to do. Sounds like a scam to me, but then what would I know I only contribute towards their salaries.

Beggars belief to think what a lowly 2* council could get away with!

George R Waddle said...

Extortion by legal means is the only phrase I can use to record my absolute disgust at the money that has been trousered by the South Tyneside Cheif Executive and her cronies. I'm sure that all these high flyers are convinced of their 'value for money' status, well as a council tenant and a council tax band 'A'payer I am cerainly not of that opinion. Like those high flyers before them who have left the fold for better paid work in other local authorities, I can say only one thing, some council's even surpass the mandacity of South Tyneside.


Anonymous said...

You'll be saying she sets the market rate for her salary next!