Saturday, 22 March 2008

Not the first time

Have a look at this post from Mr Rigg is at his Corner Shop dated some time in November 2007. Nothing to do with Mr Ahmed Khan, but he still put his photo next to the article and headline so you would all be misled. Hardly impartial is it?

Am I the first to spot a pattern?

The Daily Sport awaits your abilities!

Thanks to Bryan for the email.


Anonymous said...

I see Councillor Potts couldn't be assed to turn up to full council yet again.

Little Potto was due to move a motion, he even went to the Gazette and had a story printed about he was demanding the Jarrow MP and South Shields MP to support him.

Er, Potto can make his demands when he actually bothers to turn up. Thats two occassions in a fortnight he hasnt bothered turning up. He left the appeals committee in limbo, left South Tyneside Homes tenants waiting while the officer had to find someone else to take his place.

Now he puts officers to the job of researching his motion, arranging for it to be tabled - then he doesn't bother turning up.

I hope Edinburgh is worth it Davey Potto, because you clearly don't think the good folk of Cleadon and East Boldon are worth it.

Boldon Lad said...

What an absolute disgrace. It's obvious that all Potts is interested in is a seat in Westminster at any cost, even selling his soul.
The latest episode is another example of him putting two fingers up at those that put their trust in him and I won't be voting for him again, once bitten twice shy I'm afraid.