Sunday, 16 March 2008

Has he got views for you - Boris's key pledges


Will exercise the right to chair the MPA (Metropolitan Police Authority); replace stop-and-search forms with timesaving technology; provide local communities with New York-style crime maps to enable residents to hold police to account.

Gun and knife crime

Fund handheld scanners for Tube and rail stations

Sexual assault

Provide long-term funding for new Rape Crisis Centres.

Youth crime

Introduce Payback London, a scheme requiring under-18s who abuse their right to free bus travel to earn it back.


Reduce fare evasion by giving greater power to Revenue Protection Inspectors; launch a trial of live CCTV on 20 of the most dangerous bus routes in London. Replace bendy buses with modern Routemasters.


Will ensure affordable homes are aesthetically pleasing.

Press officers

By cutting down on publicity spending, Boris claims that he will release funding for about 440 extra PCSOs (police community support officers) and 50 more British Transport police officers.

Ken Livingston - Pledges

More of the same – oh dear!

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