Sunday, 23 March 2008

School Report Cards

Once again the mists of time have rolled over South Tyneside Council Chambers, with our elected (and unelected) representatives packing their satchels up and heading of home to prepare for the elections. Who knows, some may never return again and their desks will be used be new faces after May. As committee meetings grind to a halt, it also that time of year to see who went to school and who played hooky – yes, its school report card time!

Over the next week or so I shall be looking at the register for councillors, relating them to their attendance rates at both full and sub committee levels.

Who will be head prefect, and who will be expelled? Put it this way, read the two posts below and see where the bookies money is going!


pigeon cree said...

I CANT WAIT FOR THE COMMITTEE ATTENDANCE SHEETS, Eddie 'ive been tango'd Mctominey attacked certain Cllrs and members of the public in the Chamber regarding attendances.
Some of his Labour puppets are the worst offenders, Lewell, Gibson and Strike being the worst offenders.
Calling the kettle black steady ed?

Big Mama said...

They gonna need one hell of a suitcase to get them ballot boxes out of da Town Hall.