Sunday, 23 March 2008

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Perhaps people might like to avail themselves of this post which appeared some time ago on the Corner Shop web site Like a cuckoo Councillor Potts sometimes drops an egg into the site in an effort to gain a little bit of self publicity.

What a grandiose motion, full of potential and heart felt calls for cross party support – very House of Commons material. In his preamble Potts talks of taking “responsibilities seriously” and complains about “frivolous motions” being put to full council.

In the post said proprietor of the site asks a couple of questions of the cuckoo, but misses out on the essential one – “since I have given you such coverage, will you actually turn up and propose the motion and therefore not make me look like a berk for giving you the publicity”. If Mr Rigg had posed such a query, he would have received a resounding err….no, because that’s what happened. Once again Councillor David Potts didn’t bother to turn up at the meeting, not even to propose and support his own motion.

Taking responsibilities seriously, frivolous motions, party of opposition – Mr Potts must wear steel capped boots because the amount of times he has shot him self in the proverbial foot with his hypocritical mutterings leaves me surprised he can even walk!

Who knows, perhaps that’s the reason he never attends meetings, he’s to busy filling his boots somewhere else!

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