Sunday, 3 February 2008

Potts and Shams

Poor old Councillor David Potts has been a very busy man this week. Not content with sending children in care in the Borough to boarding schools, he seconded the motion of support for council leader Paul WAGGGOTTT at this week’s Council meeting. He then proceeded to heap and laud his opposite number with praise after praise.

Today however, he was away from the influence and orders of his Labour adversaries, and like a chameleon he was once again true blue! The BBC’s local edition of the “Politics Show” carried an item about primary school closures in the Borough. Who should be in the studio attacking South Tyneside Labour policy but…… Councillor David Potts, describing the ruling political party’s attitude as “a complete sham”.

Clearly Pott’s is making a name for himself as an “educational” spokesman, possibly in preparation for his election as an MP (when he is given his safe seat for taking on the Badger). Why then, did he not take the opportunity to attack Labour’s policy in full view of the council Chamber when he had the opportunity? There could have been no better time to say “I am sorry Councillor WAGGGOTTT, but you don’t have my support because you want to close these schools for good”. But he didn’t. Something amiss there surely.

Anyway, the matter of the primary school closures will be looked at by full Council in the next two weeks, and his involvement will also be looked at in great detail. This is when Councillor Potts will finally have to make his mind up which side of the local political fence he wants to cock his leg over. Its all well and good to attack Labour under the glare of the camera’s, but will he have the guts to do it in the full glare of their scowls and influence?


The Badger said...

Many councillors feel that Potts is a two faced, double dealing self publicist desperate for a safe tory seat somewhere in the Shires and to get it he'd do anything including selling his soul to the labour party just like he did on Friday.
I wonder how much longer the Scottish tories will put up with this Jekyll and Hyde politician. I know that Alistair Darling the other badger is watching Potts closely and is laughing his socks of at his recent performance. I wonder what David Cameron will make of it though.

Anonymous said...

Or will he turn up for Full Council?