Sunday, 3 February 2008

No change in Scotland

Out of 32 councils in Scotland, 24 have responded to a BBC survey and confirmed that new council tax bills in their areas will “definitely” or “almost definitely” stay the same for the forthcoming financial year. Contrast this to England, where I have not been able to find ONE council which will not be introducing an increase in this years new charges.

Voting on Scottish changes will take place near the end of February, roughly the same time as their English counter parts. No doubt we will then see a mass exodus to north of the border.

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The Badger said...

Does this mean Potts will be proposing a zero increase in South Tyneside or will he pull his usual stunt and not turn up in case he has to be seen to oppose us. At least he can look forward to another pint or two from the Chuckle Brothers.