Monday, 3 March 2008

Who needs "Friends".....

Everybody knows that when you go abroad phone charges become ridiculously high. However, a story in yesterdays Sunday Times has highlighted the ultimate charging scam! Here's the scenario:

Business man in England starts to download 4 episodes of “Friends” on his unlimited mobile phone broad band access.

While download is still in progress, he flies to Germany on a business trip.

On arriving in the country, down load reconnects and finishes.

Business man flies back to UK to find that the 4 episodes have cost him £11,000.

Whilst people who down load episodes of “Friends” should be punished (!), to charge £11,000 for a download abroad is the indication of the existence of a cartel, a monopolistic industry or restrictive practises.

Whilst in Spain last year, my wife’s father was taken into hospital with a stroke. Our phone bill was £180, even though we didn’t actually call anyone!

It may be good to talk, but it can also be very expensive!

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