Thursday, 6 March 2008

Out of Touch

Poor old Councillor David Potts, it appears people are looking for him. Not the well built kind of people who hang around certain night clubs, but the people who live in his constituency. According to Mr Rigg over at the Corner Shop, people have been ringing him to ascertain said Councillors location so that they can badger him about their children’s school placements.

For your information, anybody with similar problems could try a country called Scotland. I understand he spends a lot of his time there. However, he’s about as allusive as a certain “now you see it, now you don’t” blog, so you may be better of trying his other two colleagues, Messrs Milburn and Wood. You can get in touch with them via these links.

Good luck, you’re going to need it.


Little Brenda said...

Take a peek in the Fountain, the Cottage or any of the nightclubs in Shields. If you still can’t find him try Fay Cunningham's do in the Town Hall tonight, apparently there is free food and drink laid on.

The Last King of Scotland said...

I suppose all those parents and guardians desperate to talk to their councillor about school placements, school closures and many other issues that affect them could always contact Cllr Potts at his ‘second’ home in Scotland.
He can be reached through his Edinburgh constituency office, see below for details. I’m sure the Scottish Tories would be overjoyed to learn that the candidate they selected to represent them does a canny impression of the invisible man.

Conservative Office
Glengyle House
20 Spylaw Street
EH13 0JX

Telephone - 0131 441 4900

e.mail: or

adi amen said...

I bet you he looks a right clown in his kilt, ha ha ha.

The Last King of Scotland said...

Not as much as he does when he has a beer or two, especially if it's for nowt.