Monday, 3 March 2008

I say old boy!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Alan Duncan MP who has announced his “civil partnership” plans with his partner James Dunseath. Duncan was the first Tory MP to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality, and will be the first Conservative member to enter into such a partnership.

Duncan deserves praise for his stance. It can’t have been pleasant to follow such a direction whilst being a member of a Party which traditionally has been homophobic.

This is another small step in the Conservative’s 21st Century journey. No doubt the road will be rocky, and the handle bar moustached brigade will be writing their letters of protest as we speak. However, they’ve had their day, and the future belongs to those who have finally adopted a more open minded approach.


New kid on the blog said...

I have just come across this site.

So funny -

The Badger said...

I cannot wait to see Iain Malcolm's comments on this story.

Ranger said...

Would that be Adrian Potts or Adrian Mole? If it's the latter it might help explains some of the many leaks emanating from senior labour sources.
Me and my fellow game wardens are looking forward to the next few weeks as the vultures home in on Waggott' carcass and fight over what’s left.
Kikuyu told me that he has seen a new pack of hyenas enter the reserve via Simon Side Gate canyon and he says there is going to be a big battle with the other pack that that is already running things here in Chuckle River Game Reserve.
All the signs are that there’s going to be one hell of a squabble to see who replaces the pack leader and becomes the alpha female, or was that male?

Denny said...

Whatever next, David Potts saying no to a free meal and pi** up. No there's more chance of him pulling his tongue out of Malcolm's ars*.