Sunday, 3 February 2008

Family Feud

Local “Mafia” bosses were today reported to be locked in a political battle for the control of the Borough. Don WAGGGOTTTO, head enforcer for the Labourarty Family and viewed by many as head of gang activity in the area, has faced a series of challenges to his role over the last few weeks. He has also had to face the stark truth that one of his “family” members has been leaking papers to the FBI. Favourite to take over from the Don is “El McAtominio”, a man well placed within the ruling “Cabinet”. Either way, Inspector McBribe is bracing himself for a bloody takeover battle which will come to a head sometime in May this year.

Other favourites to take over the family business include Don Estelle, Don Attelo and Don Wood.


The Badger said...

The James Caan character in Godfather One reminds me of John McCabe and look what happened to him.

Luca Brasi said...

Surely you mean Carlo Rizzi the wife beater. Thats who Sonny (James Caan) beat up for brutalizing the pregnant Connie, his sister.