Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Staying with the Gazette, page 11 carries a rather strange and disturbing full page advert placed by “Action4Equality”. A4E highlights the fact that many council workers in South Tyneside are still not receiving “equal pay for equal jobs”. Attacking both unions and the local authority for not honouring back pay awards, the group advertises a series of public meetings whereby those effected can receive free advice re any entitlements

So what’s the problem?

I am disturbed that South Tyneside Council may still not be honouring the legal obligations re equal pay. I am sure chief executives and top tier officials are all receiving equal pay remuneration, so what’s wrong with giving the same treatment to teachers, kitchen assistants, carers and secretary’s? What is more worrying is that like the plethora of vultures who hound us to lodge accident claims, A4E are representative of a new era of litigation. The advice may be free, but once your claim is lodged, a fee/percentage payment is inevitable. If not, sue for claiming so!

Why should employees of South Tyneside be forced to pay a third party for work they have already done and money they are entitled to?

Come on South Tyneside Council, do you think you are actually above the law? Pay up and honour your commitment to your employee’s rights and legal entitlement.

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