Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Today sees a full diary, so posts will be light until around tea time. However, here’s a couple of bits to keep the brain active.

The Editorial tone in yesterday’s Gazette, whilst still in support of the Gypsies Green development, showed a definite acknowledgement that the public may not be in agreement. The paper asks that you contact them with your own views: I would urge you to do so.

With the uproar over immigration figures and jobs figures, right wing pundits and posters have had a field day. Whilst the whole subject of migration is alarmist, it has given rise to a couple of very interesting facts. Government figures show that 51% of new jobs created in this country go to migrant workers. Over 64% of those employed in the hospitality industry are of over seas origin (mostly European). Council figures indicate that 200 jobs will be created as a result of any development of the Gypsies Green site. That’s approximately 128 overseas jobs, with 62 from the indigenous population. However, the loss of jobs at local B and B's and other hotels which is a real reality, will reduce this surplus to either nil, or a minus figure. That’s no new employment for the area, with jobs and livelihoods ruined.


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