Monday, 29 October 2007


Whilst King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia attacks the UK on its anti terrorism record (not enough hands chopped of or people birched within an inch of their lives apparently) “missing persons” enquiries have been sent out concerning a certain Foreign Secretary, David Miliband. Mr Miliband is not at work today due to the arrival of his new adopted child. Congratulations David, best wishes to you and your wife. However, is it good judgement to remove yourself from the office when such a dignitary visits the country, particularly one who then abuses our hospitality by attacking his hosts on how we deal with the terrorist threat?

Unlike natural births, the Milibands were in control of this situation (don’t attack me for a lack of compassion. I have experienced this process and the choice of timescales is your own. I am also well aware of the personal circumstances which lead to adoption). Had David been particularly “active” over the last few weeks his actions could have been excused. However, his speech at the Labour conference was dreadful, his conduct and lack of involvement in the recent Lisbon hand over of power was amateurish, and his whole demur since Brown took over has been one of a spoilt little school boy annoyed that his friend got the job of head boy!

Come on David, put your dummy back in the draw and get on with the job in hand. You’ve got the ability, and surely the Foreign Office brief provides enough scope for your gifts?

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