Friday, 19 October 2007


South Tyneside once again hit the headlines this week when the illusive blogger Peter Shaw came out of retirement in order to once again annoy as many people as he possibly can. Speaking outside of Curly’s Corner Shop, Mr Shaw read out the following statement:

“After a protracted legal battle with my internet provider and a series of High Court slander cases, I am now in a position to be annoying again. I have dusted down my Freedom of Information template, renewed my subscription to the Shields Gazette and sharpened my wit and repartee. However, I have been shackled by certain restraints imposed by my new web site hosts and a certain judge who has no sense of humour. Correspondingly, I am banned from using the following words in posts;

1. Metro
2. Congestion
3. East
4. Boldon
5. Potts

Naturally, I shall try my hardest to comply with these restraints, but I can’t make any long term promises.”

Mr Shaw currently holds the world record for ongoing Freedom of Information enquiries, 67453, all lodged with South Tyneside Council.

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