Monday, 29 October 2007


Whilst being rather reluctant to engage in any meaningful consultation process over the Gypsies Green proposal, Channel 4’s “Location Location Location” programme has done the job for them.
Below is a press release from the Council added to their site this morning.

Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot! Clearly the people of this Borough and those who visit the area are quite happy with what we have; theY love the coast as it is and they appreciate its natural beauty. They don’t say anything about the need for hotels or other such developments. Even Councillor Malcolm, Tavistocks voice of support in the Council, admits that the coastline is about as good as it gets! The case for development is falling apart as the weeks go on. When will South Tyneside Council realise that this is a development to far, scrap the proposals and look at upgrading the leisure facilities at Gypsies green?

South Tyneside Tops The Charts With Online Voters
29 Oct 2007

Local people are passionate about their Borough and love living in South Tyneside according to a new online poll provided by Channel 4's hit show Location, Location, Location.
Residents have given an overwhelming vote of approval to life in South Tyneside and rated it a cracking five stars - the best in Tyne and Wear and currently 24th in the UK.
Earlier this month popular presenters Kirsty Alsop and Phil Spencer announced the top and bottom 20 locations in the UK. And although the Borough didn't make it into the main chart, South Tyneside viewers used the programme's online notice board to give it the top five star rating.
The beach, funfair, pubs, clubs, restaurants, parks, scenery, history, good schools, good transport links and its location within the region are listed as good reasons for people to live here.
One person described as "a great place, great people, great food." While another said: "We have a fantastic coast, excellent nightlife and friendly people."
Other comments include:

Great place all round. Beaches, parks, fun fair, loads of pubs and clubs. Ideally sited for travelling north or south. The once run down areas are now brand new communities with modern sought after properties.

Crime rates are good with pro active policing and the local Council provides excellent (and often free) facilities across the board. Excellent recreation for all ages, with a buzzing night life, children's activities all year round and plenty of activities for the not so young.

Show me a better coastline than the one we have! Excellent shopping. Great restaurants and No1: the friendliest folk you could ever wish to meet!

Great place and great people - the stats may let the area down slightly, such as on unemployment and health, but there's been great leaps forward in recent years...I'd definitely expect South Tyneside as a whole to feature in at least the top 20 a few years down the line. Looking forward to even more improvements to the area. South Tyneside - and indeed north east England in general all - is a place where people are friendly and welcoming. You really do feel right at home. There's fantastic cities, towns and countryside on the doorstep. Come on South Tyneside; show the rest of the UK what we're made of!

Shields is Gods country.

Such enthusiasm for the South Tyneside came as no surprise to Council Leader Paul Waggott who said: "As I was born, live, work and spend my leisure time in South Tyneside I couldn't agree more with the comments. South Tyneside is a great place and people who live here are passionate about their community and the environment. They also appreciate that the Council and its partners are committed to improvement and to talking to them about what they want in their Borough."

We're surrounded by fantastic scenery; our beaches are award winning and our parks, museums, markets and events are the envy of far bigger places and our achievements are impressive: Our children and young people continue to shine both in and out of school and their consistently improving academic achievements and talents make us very proud.
Our streets are cleaner and tidier than ever before, the excellent Recycling Village at Middlefields has just been named best in the country and our highly successful partnership with the Police and Fire Authority continues to reap rewards by creating a safer South Tyneside.
But nothing contributes more to this great place than our biggest asset - the people who live here. We're renowned for our friendliness, generosity, warmth and sense of humour. It's no wonder we love living in South Tyneside and with so much going for it ...who wouldn't?"
Councillor Iain Malcolm, Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council, added: "We are a Borough with a rich history and an exciting future, and we are certainly an area on the up. We have the advantage of being an area of natural beauty, as exemplified by our magnificent beaches and Foreshore. Everything we do is aimed at making South Tyneside a better place to live, work and visit, and these findings show that people value what we do. The pride that local people have in the Borough shines through in the comments they have made, and if we work together, we can achieve even greater things."

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