Monday, 22 October 2007


If you live in the media spot light, you have to accept that once in while you will draw attention from journalists etc, who will try to “out” you. However, you can always sue and take offending newspapers etc, to court if you feel you have been defamed. Not so a Mr Dumbledore, resident of a certain “Hogwarts School”. Poor old Mr Dumbledore has had his sexuality called into question by author J K Rowling, whose revelations were not unlike Matthew Paris’s outing of Peter Mandelson on Newsnight all those years ago. The difference however, is that Dumbledore is a book character, and Mandelsom claimed to be a politician.

Lets be very clear on this issue, this is not an attack on anybodies sexuality and it is not a moral condemnation of lifestyles. But was this really needed. Rowling’s books have great interest for children as they stimulate their imagination, preserve a world were fantasy can be entering and whilst being a little bit frightening, still leaves them innocent and optimistic about life. Proclamations of this nature are not needed and serve nothing to enhance the nature of the books.

Rowling has gone done a well furrowed politically correct road and felt the need to include a “minority” character in her books, all be it retrospectively. I think the author should go to ground for the next few weeks; I understand that Mr Dumbledore is a magician of some talent, and has a spell to turn her into a toad(y)!

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whats next, harry potter has a secret love child