Thursday, 18 October 2007


The excuses have already started. McClaren over England’s dismal failure in Russia? No, Brown on why there will be no referendum. As he gets his pass port in order for his visit to Portugal tomorrow, the PM has once again reiterated his stance that there is no need for a vote on the new European measures he intends to ratify over the next few days. The Guardian, Independent, Times and Telegraph have extensive coverage on his trip but it is the latter which covers the most pertinent issue. A YouGov poll has shown that 7 out every 10 (69%) of those questioned wanted a referendum on the issue. Of those who consider themselves Labour voters, 57% also want a say.

Consider this then. Which country do the following facts apply to?

Governed by a head of state who has not received an endorsement from the electorate.
Governed by a head of state elected to represent another area in another country, who the electorate of the country he governs have no legal opportunity to vote out
An electorate governed by rules and laws they have no opportunity to endorse, amend or vote against
Governed by a larger pan national structure without the opportunity to vote out the executive.

Communist Russia, Cuba, North Korea? Sadly, these facts apply to the United Kingdom. Together with Brown’s capitulation on the referendum issue, Britain will no longer be a sovereign state. We are governed by an unelected executive based in Brussels, a body who the public cannot remove and whose legislative process we cannot influence.

The irony is that this government fights foreign wars in order to “free” nations so that they may exercise their own democratic right, yet shackles its own populace to the most fundamentally undemocratic body ever seen in modern political times. The greater shame however, is that it has been propagated by a Labour government, a party created on the principals of freedom of thought, expression and a universal democratic say for all, regardless of wealth, class or ability.

Like Blair before him, Brown can never be trusted again. Not only has he lied and misled the electorate, but he has shown dreadful political judgement. As his own MP’s prepare to rebel against him, the greater British public will remember the day he finally handed the nation over to unelected mandarins.

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