Tuesday, 23 October 2007


When ever you move house things inevitably go missing, but one thing I made sure of was that the families walking gear was transported to the new house by Group 4. Faced with another day on the sick (remember that broken thumb?) the old boots and rucksack were retrieved from the family safe (amongst the silver spoons and Faberge Egg’s), dusted down and off we headed (My Dad and I) for the fells and moors of Sherburn and Pittington. County Durham is an under valued and under rated area for walking. Rolling fields, tranquil villages and swathes of industrial archaeology characterise the areas beyond the Prince Bishop City, and it’s only an hour away at the most. Ten miles of relaxed walking followed, permeated with political, cultural and family related chit chat, mugs of hot Heinz soup, squashed sandwiches and the odd up hill stretch – life doesn’t really get much better. To cap it all, there was not a cloud in the sky and the back pack full of gloves, hats, water proof trousers and various items of emergency weather equipment were not really needed.

Home by 3.30 p.m, kettle on, Daily Telegraph lying fresh at the door. As soon as this thumb becomes mobile again, I must make sure I break another digit!

Hopefully I will post some pictures later, when I find the USB lead for the camera. Why the hell didn’t I get Group 4 to transport the leads as well?

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